Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

Raid is finally here in Black Ops Cold War, but if you’re one of the new players who have never had the privilege of enjoying Raid, here are our tips on how to unlock your full potential on this map.

1. Avoid water

It’s definitely one of the most unique and interactive elements on this map. But you are almost helpless in the water; if you are seen there you will be just a target, slow very slow.

You also don’t really benefit from the water as it takes you the furthest away from the action and Raid is not a suitable card type for stealth.

2. Basketball court

Do not enter the hut next door as it is an obvious hot spot and players are used to checking to see if anyone is there for cover.

You should instead use the coverage of the walls that enter / exit the yard as you will have a perfect view of the water, the upper bedroom that people like to use and anyone moving under the house.

3. Use all the coverage you can around the statue’s channel

This channel is not only aesthetically pleasing; it is one of the most interesting places in terms of gameplay. You have the top windows, the paths below / to the side, the statue, and all the decorative architectural stones around it, the cars, the vans and even a connecting path in the middle of the map.

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This goes to show that you don’t always need a big map to be full of surprises. You will have to constantly use the blanket to move forward.

4. The window of the upper room

As we mentioned before, if you are playing Search & Destroy mode or something similar, accessing this room is paramount.

Being behind glass and against the back wall of the room, enemy visibility is rather limited. So when enemies appear near the basketball court, or sneak into the hut, or elsewhere on the other end of the map, take advantage of your strategic advantage to surprise them and gain the upper hand.

5. Consider a boosting service

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6. Avoid the center of the map

Another part that can really set the pace of the game is the middle section with the arb. This area is incredibly dangerous as you will be visible from four different directions, but if you crawl through it everything could be different.

If nobody spots you, you can easily with the effect of surprise get some easy elimination of the enemies rushing through the map.

By Hertha