Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
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Although esports is more than 4 decades old. The first real-life gaming event was organized by Atari for the game named “Space Invaders’ ‘ The event was held back in 1980 making it 44 years old today. Since that day esports has been growing but the growth isn’t rapid because of some stereotypes about gaming as a whole or e-sports being not considered real sports. But in the last few years after the boom of .com and internet gaming, it has a fair share of attention and now has become the big giant of the entertainment industry. Hence the esports scene is also getting attention and growing exponentially.

E-sports also had a great impact as a profession because not only it provide jobs for the athletes but it has opened up thousands and thousands of jobs for people. E-sports also has impacted video games as a whole and how the games were perceived before vs now. Now people know that gaming is a serious thing and e-sports is a serious profession. Many big events occurred during the year 2023 like the Dota International or the League of Legends World. All in all, 2023 was a good year for e-sports and all of the events that happened during the year were more or less successful.

But here I am going to narrow this down from the whole e-sport in general to one rising auto battler game. So In this blog, I am going to talk about the team fight tactics e-sports event which was held in Vegas this year. Tft Vegas was an open tournament meaning that anyone capable could play in that tournament. We are going to talk about the event, how it went, how many players participated in it, who won it, and everything in between. I will not point out each of the builds and picks of the players and its impact on the matches like Thresh‘s impact in the final match or Lucian’s impact on round 2 matches.

The prize pool, Venue, and Participants:

So the event was held in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Conference Center. The venue is not an arena so the amount of spectators was not in huge numbers. MGM Grand Conference Center holds around 16k people at one time but because Team fight tactics are not as popular in North America hence the attendance was only around 1200 people. The prize for the event was 308.5k dollars and it is kind of big a gaming event in a region where they are little to no awareness about the game. 512 players who attended the event. In which the winner of the championship will be awarded 100k dollars as prize money and the runner-up will get 25k dollars.


The format was that these 512 players would be split into Lobbies of 8 and play 3 Games each. And top 4 players from each lobby will be advanced to round 2.

In Round 2 the 256 players will again split into 8 lobbies and will play 3 games each and the top 4 from each lobby will go into the next round.

In Round 3  the 128 players will again split into 8 lobbies and will play 4 games each and the top 2 players from each lobby will advance further.

In round 4 the last 32 players will again split into 8 lobbies and play 4 games each and again the top 2 from each lobby will advance to finals.

In the finals, the first player to get 20 points will crowned the championship.

The Champion:

On day 3 or round 5, the finals were played at the MGM Grand Conference Center. The final match was between  Kevin Parker and Milala and after a pretty intense matchup Milala won the championship but this match-up was very competitive and neck to neck and Milala won the match with a single point ahead of the rest.